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Cokojo joins the small living trend! Get the best wholesale price for space-saving furniture

Each day, more and more students, retirees, and young professionals move to smaller spaces to enjoy the urban lifestyle, save money, and embrace the minimalist trend of downsizing. The Cokojo staff is excited to be in this journey!

Getting rid of things that are no longer needed, being able to walk to work, and live in a nice, modern area are among the benefits of micro-living. Companies such as Point Blue now offer the option to rent small apartments that are located in urban areas and equipped with space-saving furniture. Tiny accommodations are also an option for tourists looking for simplicity.

But, what does ‘tiny’ mean? These homes range from 100 to 500 square feet, giving people the chance to live with less and reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, small spaces use significantly less lumber and electricity – while the average house releases 28,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a tiny home only releases 2,000 pounds, as estimated by the site

Here at Cokojo we believe that practical reasons are important when it comes to making life-changing decisions. But what about the psychological advantages of downsizing?

Those who intentionally decide to move to a compact living space obtain more piece of mind by dramatically cutting maintenance and cleaning costs. They can achieve financial freedom to invest money in their own business or in things that truly matter to them. Downsizers get to keep the objects they really care about and throw away useless items that used to occupy precious space. It would be safe to say that happiness can be found in little, well-designed areas.

As micro-living spikes in popularity, the market demands for convenience and flexibility, must-have characteristics of quality multi-functional furniture. Small, empty rooms can be transformed into multi-purpose spaces with the right products, meaning that people can have an office, a bedroom, a living room, and even a gym in the same micro apartment. And it can be comfortable, nice, and there will be enough floor space to easily walk around.

If your business understands this reality, Cokojo Procurement is ready to assist you. Our team can efficiently source the space-saving furniture you need and ship the products to your port of destination or to your warehouse.

Tell us about your specific commercial requirements and we’ll take care of absolutely everything from product sourcing to negotiations, quality control, and logistics. With the best wholesale price, you will be able to afford quality, convenience, flexibility, and ultimately achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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