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About Cokojo

Christine and her team at COKOJO Procurement sources products throughout the world.

No matter the project or product we will ensure quality throughout your experience with us.


We have over 10 years’ experience in product sourcing for projects and businesses.
Our hard-working team will only deliver to your warehouse or  site.
Let COKOJO handle everything, from the price negotiations to Australian/UK/EU import regulations and quality control while you focus on your unique project.

Our job is to negotiate the best deals to help you achieve extraordinary results. We have ticked every box to get the best for our customers in Australia and other parts of the world.

Nigel from NMB Pty Ltd 

We appreciate the way Christine and her team takes our business seriously. Without doubt. 

From the start she is personally invested in our company’s goals. Christine always remains committed and passionate about our goals. It is clear she takes great pride in the outstanding service she consistently delivers for us. Christine makes the impossible possible.

Our Customers

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