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Learn why investing in top-quality autoclaved aerated concrete is a good idea

The global autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) market is expected to reach nearly 10 billion – 9,808.91 million – USD by 2024 as experts estimate it will grow at a CAGR of 8% starting in 2018, according to a report published by Energias Market Research last month.


COKOJO and its AAC partner factory believe that the AAC market is growing steadily every day. We are quoting and winning projects on a daily basis.

We work mainly with AAC wall and floor panels, but this versatile material also comes in roof panels, blocks, and lintels. Our partner factory has its own patented technology and one of the most advanced production lines in the world. We only use top-quality raw materials to manufacture the AAC.

Our AAC panels have all passed tests according to ASTM (US standard), AS/NZS, and EN.

Why you should use AAC instead of traditional concrete

  • Lower energy costs due to its greater thermal resistance

  • Acoustic insulation and excellent soundproofing

  • Fire and termite resistance

  • AAC blocks and panels store and release energy over time

  • Lightweight and easy to work with

  • Water and mold resistant

  • More environmentally-friendly as it helps cut greenhouse gas emissions to 50%, according to the report February 2018 Energias Market Research.

  • Helps reduce shipping and handling costs because it is more economical than regular concrete

COKOJO’s standard panel thickness is 50mm- 300mm and the panel length is up to 6 meters. However, we often receive requests for customized panels. In case you need anything standard or non-standard for your AAC wall or floor panels, feel free to contact us through providing your port of destination, quantity, and specifications.

You can also visit our site We quote FOB and CFR shipping modalities for containers of 20ft and 40ft.

The COKOJO team applies the best practices when sourcing and shipping the products you need when you need them, guaranteeing you a top-quality service. What are your specific needs? Tell us about them!

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