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Wholesale Building Materials for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Construction

We supply Australian and American businesses with a range of building supplies, from raw to finished materials. 

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)

Specially manufactured to contain closed air pockets, autoclaved aerated concrete is an energy efficient and lightweight building material. 

But don’t let its weight fool you, AAC is tough and can support large loads. It is also great for thermal and sound insulation, thanks to its aerated structure. What’s more, AAC is fire-resistant, making it an excellent fire barrier. 

You will find AAC a breeze to work with – you can cut and shape it with common hand and woodworking tools.

Over the last 20 years, autoclaved aerated concrete’s popularity and has sky rocketed in Australia and across the globe.

Steel & Aluminium Scaffolding

It’s essential to support your crew with a solid foundation. Our steel and aluminium scaffolding provides a safe, firm platform for construction, maintenance and temporary structures. 

Steel staging is extremely durable, supporting heavy-loads and withstanding harsh weather conditions. Steel scaffolds are easy erect and dismantle. We have mild steel and low alloy steel staging systems available. 

Aluminium scaffolding is light-weight support system, its components are easy to handle and manoeuvre on site, requiring less manpower and making it quicker to install.

We have a wide range of staging to support your job, from ringlock and cuplock systems, to frame, crab, and rolling systems. Plus all the fittings – clamps, couplers, planks, decks, platforms, and formwork accessories.

Watch Our Steel Procurement in Action

This is a video of our client's building site in Australia. We procured the steel scaffolding from China for their construction project. The steel is Australian Standard.

Steel and aluminium scaffolding

What Our Customer's Say

Matt, from Ozurban

Christine and her team has an ability to find exactly the product you’re looking for, or even alternatives more suitable that you expected. She is quick to understand a project brief, and will source a selection of various alternatives, assess quality controls, investigate shipping and importation matters and follows through with her service on product delivery and launch. Christine consistently finds unique products with high quality and at excellent bulk pricing, vastly unavailable to every day businesses like us without the assistance of such an expert. She aggressively negotiates on your behalf to get unbeatable pricing, a skill she has obviously honed after many years of working in Asia.

Materials Meet Australian & American Standards
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