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Organise Your Goods With Warehouse Accessories

Protect and secure your products with pallet covers, plastic packaging and rope

Pallet Covers

Keep dust and dirt off your valuable products. Made from low-density polyethylene, our pallets covers are specially designed to protect stock against moister, liquids, UV rays, and debris. They are also durable, suitable for long-term use. 

Our pallet covers are easy to use, simply slide the cover over your pallet for instant protection. The covers are gusset perforation bags, meaning they are fitted with extra material on the sides and bottom which allow you to package bulky items. Choose from black or clear colours.

Covers come in 50 piece rolls and are designed to fit standard pallet stock:

•    W 2440mm x L 1500mm x D 610mm

Stretch Wrap 

Keep your products secure with stretch wrap packaging film. Our stretch film is plastic-based, made with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), which keeps items tightly bound during transit.

Stretch wrap will protect your goods when handled – discourage tampering, reducing product wastage and the likelihood of injuries. Our stretch wrap is moister-proof, keeping your goods protected against wet conditions and humidity. You can easily identify your goods in storage, thanks to the transparent finish. 

You can use stretch film for packaging all types of goods, including building materials, food, furniture, and electrical equipment. 

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packing is strong and durable, protecting your goods during assembly, storage and shipping. Thanks to its lightweight, plastic is also cost-effective packaging option, saving you money on transportation costs. Made from 100% degradable materials, our bags will decompose into harmless non-toxic components. 

Our factory has over 30 years’ experience manufacturing plastic. All our plastic bags are high-quality, manufactured in an ISO9001 production facility

We have a wide range of packing options to suit any industry, including:


  • food/beverage bags and films

  • industrial packaging

  • agricultural bags and films

  • medical and pharmaceutical films

  • building and construction PE sheets

  • shopping bags.

Plus, with 17 styles of polybag and eight colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find an option to suit your packing needs. 

Marine Rope

Our marine rope made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester fiber. Braided together, these materials make our marine rope stronger than wire rope of same diameter and 12 S/T braided rope. Yet it is lightweight, weighing just 1/8 of wire rope. 

Our marine rope is treated with unique coating and special heat treatment processes to boost its anti-abrasion characteristics. It won’t kink or rotate, so it’s easy to handle when towing and mooring.  

You can use marine rope in dry or wet conditions. It's perfect for commercial fishing, trawler operations and other marine operations.

What Our Customer's Say

Greg, from DIY Tiles

I started sourcing plastics through Cokojo. Christine and her team were so efficient we now get her to source many things. She will find it! Deliver it on time and is very thorough and fully understands our business needs.

Materials Meet Australian & American Standards
Tested for Quality
Samples Available on Request
High-quality Materials

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