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Core product package

When you buy from our e-commerce page, you order wholesale quality products that we ship to your port of destination or to your warehouse. 

Our talented staff with over 10 years experience in the industry will take the time to offer you 3 consultations whenever you need them. That way you’ll make informed decisions that will ultimately lead you to achieve your commercial goals.

A skillful project manager with knowledge and understanding of the Asian business culture will be in charge of your case. They’ll carefully listen to your requirements and bring the most effective solutions to the table.

The strict quality control inspection will begin when our project manager visits the factory in a specific Asian country.  During the visit, they’ll make sure that you receive the top-quality products that will help you to deliver value to your customers.


Every product item sold by Cokojo meets the highest standards to ensure that the client will be satisfied and willing to spread the good word about our services.

Sofa set
Dining Table Set

As a client, you’ll be kept in the loop at all times. When the logistics and the shipping process are in our hands, we carry out rigorous security procedures to protect your order and ensure that you receive it within the estimated time of arrival.

Please note that we only ship 20’ and  40’ containers. See each product’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) to make an informed decision.


Although this condition may vary from product to product, we can offer mixed containers. Feel free to contact us for more details.

We don’t work with hidden or surprise fees. You’ll only be charged according to our initial agreement.

Go to the product page and select the one you like to get a quote based on your specific requirements.

Discover our HOTTEST products

Step 1 - Get a free consultation!

We’ll arrange a Skype call with you to carefully listen to your needs and explain what our staff can do to meet your requirements and expectations.

Step 2 - Identify the factory

Based on your specifications, we’ll find the supplier that best that adapts to your project’s needs - in case we don’t already have the factory in place.

Step 3 - Cokojo visits the factory

This is when we personally visit the country where the magic happens to carry out strict quality control inspections.

Step 4- Logistics - Customs - Entry documentations

Our staff ensures shipping goes as smoothly as possible and keeps the client in the loop.

Step 5 - Delivery to your warehouse

The client receives top-quality products within the estimated time of arrival.

It all starts with a pleasant virtual meeting! And it’s free of charge

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